Pure genius or total madness… there’s only one way to find out! As an early stage founder — I recently took this leap myself so I wanted share some of the methodology behind my madness!

Yep — this is crazy me… starting my journey at www.antler.co/stockholm

Now you might read the title and think… no way; especially not now — look out the window — people are losing their jobs and the pandemic is far from over; with the full economic impact yet to be felt.

Disclaimer — I’ve recently left my “safe” corporate job and salary to go and build an early stage tech company. Statistically I know the average…

Why and how the pandemic is the perfect time to make permanent lifestyle changes in the fight against climate change.

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Improving your mental health through having a shared purpose and focus away from what’s happening around us, whilst helping to quite literally save our planet; how does that sound? If you’ve got this far; please read on, this article will, I hope, help to change the way you think, and the way you act. It will give you purpose, and help to re-focus some of your stresses and anxiety away from what’s happening all around us, improving your mental health whilst at the same time having a monumental impact on the world around us.

You don’t even have to open…

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The house price explosion

For years, rents and property prices in urban areas have been increasing on a basis that makes purchasing a new home an almost impossibility for most, especially amongst first time buyers.

  • The average price for a flat in London stood at £490,000 in June 2020, up 654% from 25 years ago at £65,000.
  • Property was previously available for 4.5 times the average salary, which has now grown to 7 times the average.
  • The London average salary is £37,000 per annum, meaning 13 times the salary average to buy a flat, leaving many without any chance of…

Mark Harrison

Ex-military, turned product guy and advocate of UK start-ups. Love of travel, stillness, and future thinking

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